Not too shabby! rudy_gatehacker just earned 970 points on Fitocracy with “Strengttraining”.
Not too shabby! rudy_gatehacker just earned 1056 points on Fitocracy with “Strengttraining”.

From Jules Dalou’s La Fraternité des peuples (1883) 

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amazing t-shirt na We Heart It.


A new crisp white addition sits on top of the old granite walls of this house in Portugal »

The Pitahaya skin is so beautiful. It looks like muscle texture.

And another picture of my delicious breakfast.

Chocolate bananaice cream with raisins, coconut, figs and raw brownie bites. And dragon fruit. <3

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This picture warmed my seemingly frozen heart. Prince looks so happy and full of joy. Look at that smile. I love it.

"I’m happiest when I can sing." - Way Back Home- Prince

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